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Chiropractic care is a wide variety of services that help patients with any form of pain or injury. There's an old misconception about chiropractors being only able to do spinal adjustments, but they also focus on treating other musculoskeletal injuries such as soft tissue work and personalized rehab plans. Salute Spine & Strength has a trained team made up of many different techniques including adjusting your spine for you at home!

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What Exactly Is a Chiropractic Adjustment?

The chiropractic adjustment is a technique designed to put movement in the joint and restore normal function. The doctor will use gentle pressure or shallow thrusts, which are sometimes accompanied by pop noises as their release of nitrogen gas helps fixate it more efficiently than before extraction.

Patients who visit our chiropractic office for care tend to suffer from a variety of conditions. Back Pain, Neck pain and many more can be treated here with relief that does not require medicine!

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Chiropractic Care Is Proven

The most recent research shows that chiropractic adjustments are an effective treatment for many different types of pain.

The U.S Agency for Health Care Policy has deemed this technique as the gold standard in managing low back issues and it's been proven time after again by other studies conducted on neck problems, headaches carpal tunnel syndrome among others since 1994 when they first started looking into manipulative procedures used by Chiropractors.

Chiropractors have had their treatments vindicated because every one of these findings supports its role during the rehabilitation process  as well!

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How Chiropractic Care Helps You And Your Family

If you have been experiencing any of the following symptoms, an adjustment may be able to help: back pain that doesn't seem to go away on its own or minimalizes in intensity after a few days; muscle spasms and cramps from exercises such as yoga where there is no stretching involved.

Symptoms can also occur if one has poor posture while sitting for long periods at work desks. Or even more uncommonly caused by certain injuries sustained during childhood causing soft tissue damage including ligaments sprains tears cartilage disruption disc inflammation all leading up towards permanent joint dysfunction later down life.

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How To Know If You Need An Adjustment

We are here to help you find the root cause of your pain.

We will thoroughly examine every patient, determine what exactly it is that's causing you discomfort and work towards a solution tailored just for you! If it's a sporting an injury from working out or if your pain is getting in the way when driving, you are welcome to ask questions about past injuries too - so don’t let another day go by without booking an appointment with Dr. Halvorsen.

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If you have never been to a chiropractor before you may not know what to expect at your first visit.

At your first appointment, you will be brought into a treatment room and greeted by one of our doctors. We begin every new patient exam with an in-depth health history to establish a clear understanding of any medical events that could be contributing to your chief complaint or a contraindication to your care.  

We then perform a detailed history specific to the chief complaint that brought you into the office. At this time, you can provide us with any additional information or medical studies that may be pertinent to your case. Once we have a thorough understanding of what you are dealing with, we will help establish goals for your recovery. 

Based on the results of the examination, the doctor will create a report of their findings for discussion. Our recommended treatment tools will then be explained and performed. Once treatment is complete, the doctor will discuss the projected timeline for recovery, expected progressions, and when you should schedule your next appointment.

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Frequent Questions About Chiropractic Care

Q: What is the “popping” sound?  

A:  The popping sound is the result of little gas bubbles that are formed in a joint being released. When you are adjusted, the joint opens up and allows those bubbles to escape.  


Q: If there is no noise when I’m adjusted, does that mean it didn’t work?  

A: No! As a matter of fact, most of the benefits of a chiropractic adjustment are a result of reintroducing movement into a restricted joint. This occurs with or without the sound. Although many find the sound satisfying, it is not essential for the benefit of our treatment.  


Q: Once I start seeing a chiropractor, will I have to continue forever?  

A: Absolutely not. Our goal at Salute Spine and Strength is to help you get better and back to your life as fast as we can. We design our treatment plans to help patients go through all the steps of recovery. These include decreasing pain, increasing their strength and mobility, and in many cases, training them for a return to sport. Many patients choose to come in for regular maintenance care because of how great they feel after treatment; however, this is a choice the patient makes based on their lifestyle and needs.  


Q: Can chiropractic benefit me if I don’t have any injuries or obvious pain?  

A: Yes! Chiropractic care can truly benefit everyone. Even those who are not suffering from pain may benefit from a proper functional assessment and chiropractic care. This is because biomechanical imbalances can lead to injuries in the future. Our doctors are trained to perform a full functional exam and determine any imbalances that may predispose you to suffer an injury in the future. If we can proactively address those issues, we can help you perform at your highest level and keep you injury-free.  


Q: I came in with knee pain, and you treated mostly my hips. Why?  

A: Everything in the body is connected, and even though your symptoms manifested in your knee, your hip may be the source of the pain. In many cases, the dysfunction that leads to your symptoms is either above or below the actual point of pain. Our functional assessments guide us to the root cause of your problem. If we only treated the symptoms directly, the pain would continue to return.  


Q: I am not comfortable getting my neck adjusted, can you still help with my neck pain?  

A: Absolutely! We understand that some individuals would prefer they don’t get their necks adjusted. One of the things that make Salute Spine and Strenth so versatile is all the techniques our doctors are trained in to help you with. Soft tissue muscle work, cold laser, and rehab exercises are all very powerful tools to help manage neck pain. They can be used in addition or on their own to help you overcome any neck pain you might be experiencing.

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